Students First

The location of the OPGC at a University provides an ideal opportunity for students to learn about ex situ plant conservation, seed banks, germplasm enhancement, seed biology, tissue culture, and many other modern as well as classical horticultural techniques. In conjunction with The Ohio State University's "Students First, Students Now" initiative, the OPGC is establishing scholarship funds to support students to work and learn at the OPGC.

One of the students working at the OPGC has stated:

"As a student working at the OPGC I've had the opportunity to work with PhD candiate Peter Zale who heads-out the collection of the Phlox genera. I've harvested both seed and cuttings from field acquisitions and grown them on. I've studied germination rates and the morphologies of several species. We are using pollinations to track seed increase. Working here is like having a parallel education that supplements many things I've learned in the classrom including botany, biology and plant propagation. This is an unique learning environment that uses many techniques that will be useful for me in the trade." Elizabeth Reeder.

If interested in exploring ways to support students at the OPGC, contact the Director, Pablo Jourdan at