Phlox in glorious bloom at the OPGC

April 14, 2012

The Spring of 2012 has been a bit unusual, with an early warming period that stimulated blooms in many plants. A subsequent cooling has kept many flowers open to the delight of pollinators and spectators alike. The phlox bloom in the OPGC's nursery area has been spectacular. The many accessions collected from the Eastern USA over the last couple of years have grown nicely and the consistently cool conditions have encouraged prolific blooms. Phlox bifida (photo) has displayed beautiful white to pale blue colors. The subtle purple, lilac, lavender, bluish hues of Phlox divaricata and some Phlox pilosa have contrasted with the more pink-reddish tone of other phlox. The vibrant reds, blues, pinks, and purples of Phlox drummondii are shining in the greenhouse, where the plants have been involved in multiple insterspecific crosses. And the prolific and intense flowers of Phlox subulata always elicit approving comments from passersby. The genus Phlox, one of the OPGC's priority genera, offer a remarkable range of beautiful landscape plants.